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Islamabad - The Green City of Pakistan

By Mutiba Kamal, Posted on 07 Dec, 2021 at 07:22 am

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Things to do and see in Islamabad

If you're planning to visit Pakistan, don't forget to visit this glitzy city. It is the capital of Pakistan. The city is famous for its high greenery areas, beautiful historical places like Faisal masjid, sightseeing parks like Shakarparian, panoramic hills like margalla hills, and many cultural showing museums and shopping areas. The city also has beautiful lakes, and long thrilly mountains, and many top-notch photo-worthy spots.

The city also has amazing art and cultural heritage. The beautiful handicrafts, souvenirs, and beautiful traditional stuff of markets also attract tourists to the city.

Things to do and see in Islamabad

Islamabad is the city where adventures await. This is an exciting landmark of Pakistan with many sightseeing and adventurous spots like K2 camping, And many historical spots like Faisal masjid and Pakistan Monument. Let's emphasize some most attractive landmarks of the city!


  1. Faisal Masjid
    Faisal Mosque Islamabad

    This is the most beautiful and architectural-designed masjid that you can stop looking at it!  It is the largest mosque with eight sides, concrete corners and shells, an amazing Bedouin tent design, and is surrounded by beautiful photo-worthy gardens with multicolored flowers. This mosque is the most attractive spot in the city as many travelers love visiting this Islamic architectural spot.

  2. Pakistan Monument
    Pakistan Monument

    Although the city is home to different museums and historical spots, this is the best monuments and history showing spot and is located at the Shakarparian hills. This museum shows the unity of the Pakistanis and gives a pictorial view of the history of Pakistan. The visitors can discover the classical history of Pakistan and the history of the people who sacrificed their lives to establish Pakistan.

  3. Shah Allah Ditta Caves
    Shah Allah Ditta Caves

    The city also offers the best haunting spots for visitors. This cave is more adventurous and best for haunting different animals. This is a historic place, shows the heritage of Pakistan, and is located in Margalla Hills. The visitors can find the best traditional food here, like pakoras, traditional chai with classical music. 

  4. Rawal lake
    Rawal Lakes

    This is a scenic lake, is an artificial reservoir of water used at the time of need. This is a sightseeing land, with ideal fishing and boating spot. The visitors can have fun with the family by playing many games, golfing, fishing, and barbecuing.

  5. Giga Mall
    Giga Mall

    Last but not least, the city has the best shopping area, which is the best to explore the traditional and neoclassical heritage of the city. The mall has beautiful branded stuff, a fun land for kids full of playing instruments, a food court having traditional and Chinese foods: a spacious parking area, and a cinema where the visitors can see various films and traditional dramas.

Getting around in Islamabad:

To get around in the city, there are different transportation services for the visitors so that they can easily explore every bit of the city. There are many cars, trains, buses and taxi services which are passing nearly all the attractive landmarks of the city. The visitors can also book the cars from different car rentals and also book rides from Careem and Uber. The visitors can also walk as the city is very safe and calm, and it is an easy way to get the glory of the city.

Where to stay in Islamabad

Don’t worry, the city loves the visitors and provides the best and cheap hotels for the ease of the visitors near to the most attractive and sightseeing landmarks of the city.

Below are some best and unique hotels in Islamabad, so you can easily opt for the best one of your choices!

Islamabad Serena Hotel

Khayaban-E-Suharwardy G-5/1., Islamabad, Pakistan

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This is one of the best Islamabad hotels, featuring the best outdoor thermal pool, fitness clubs, Marisha Spa, free airport transportation service, free WIFI, restaurants, and cuisine of your choice, and beautiful banquet for celebration and conference area. Among other amenities, the hotels also have beautiful wide rooms with room service, a fun area, a gymnasium, and much more!

Islamabad Marriott Hotel

Aga Khan Road Shalimar 5 Pakistan , Islamabad, Pakistan

rates from Rs 31,765.0

This hotel has unique restaurants, offers the best buffet breakfast, tea and coffee service, dinner of your choice, and also a beautiful lobby lounge. The hotel has modernly designed rooms with duvet beds and cut loop carpets and a beautiful conference area.

Ramada Islamabad

1 Club Road Murree Road, Islamabad, Pakistan

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This is an amenity-rich hotel featuring indoor pools, an onsite spa, parking, four restaurants providing dishes of different styles, a rooftop lounge with a scenic view of the city and hills. The hotel also provides free service to transport to the many attractive spots of the city, which makes it more unique among other hotels.

Hotel Margala

M-2 Islamabad Near Convention Centre, Islamabad, Pakistan

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This is a 3-star hotel featuring a beautiful terrace with a lush view of the city and margalla hills, air-conditioned, well-furnished rooms, 24-hours front desk service, free airport transportation, best room service, and complimentary WIFI access all around the hotel. The guest also enjoys the continental breakfast with the scenic view of margalla hills.

Avari Xpress Islamabad

Service Road East Avari Xpress Hotel Avari Xpress , Islamabad, Pakistan

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This is one of the best hotels in Islamabad, featuring a beautiful sun terrace, restaurants, fitness clubs, shared lobbies and lounge, and beautiful gardens. Other amenities include beautiful rooms with balconies and private bathrooms, best room services, and many more!

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